Ros O’Brien


This is the Business Hot Seat session with Ros O'Brien, recorded in December 2021.

Ros and I had a really great conversation about what to do when you're just not loving your business any more.

Here's what we covered:

➡️ Why you might STILL be underpricing, even if you've carefully calculated your prices

➡️ Why success can feel a lot less fun than you expect

➡️ How to get off the production treadmill and add in some more meaningful work

If you'd like to learn more about Ros's business you can find her at

Business Hot Seats are a prize that we give to our Member of the Month. They are a 60 minute business strategy session with Nicola where we go through your business in depth and come up with an action plan for your next steps.

We award Member of the Month to the member who has been most active and supportive in the community in the previous month. We look for members who are regularly asking questions that could help other members, giving support where they can and sharing their stories.